SMS Cuba introduces the first direct, phone-to-phone text messaging service between the U.S. and Cuba.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – SMS Cuba ( announced today that it has launched seamless text messaging services between the United States and Cuba. The service allows users to communicate directly with their contacts in Cuba with its instant, two-way, phone-to-phone messaging service. Previously, no text message service was available between the U.S. and Cuba from any U.S.-based wireless carrier. Communications with Cuba have been difficult due to limited email and Internet access in Cuba, and a lack of connections with U.S. phone services. SMS Cuba has created a network that opens the lines of communication between the U.S. and Cuba using mobile phones.

 SMS Cuba began its operations to solve the basic problems of lack of reliable communications between the U.S. and Cuba.

 Founder and CEO Frank S. Caruso said, “I have been a student of the Cuban Telecom environment for the past 20 years. I have been working on practical solutions that are easily deployable for everyday use, knowing that when the time arrived, both U.S. and Cuban businesses and individuals would get great value from the use of these services. SMS Cuba is the first of these solutions.”

 Landline telephones in Cuba are common, but calling from the U.S. is expensive and often cost-prohibitive.  Email is possible, but less than 25% of Cubans have reliable Internet access, according to the International Telecommunications Union, and most of that is limited to the Cuba-only intranet. This makes email an ineffective means of communication. Text messaging is the most viable solution for Cuba because it requires neither Internet access nor a landline telephone—just a mobile phone. And, texting is taking over as the communication mode of choice worldwide. Time magazine indicates that Americans aged 18-24 send and receive roughly 88 text messages per day compared to only 17 phone calls.  More Cubans have mobile phones than landlines, to the tune of two to one. There are 1.21 million landline telephones in Cuba and nearly double that number of mobile phone lines for a population of 11.25 million, as reported by Quartz and Havana Times.

 SMS Cuba has identified the growing need for Americans to have reliable communications with Cuba. The number of U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba doubled from 2007 to 2012, as stated by Reuters, sparking the need to communicate with transportation, lodging, and food providers. Business interests in Cuba are expanding. And as always, Americans with family in Cuba are in need of affordable, reliable means of communication. SMS Cuba’s service solves all of these problems. And, with thawing relations between the two countries, the need has never been greater.

SMS Cuba was founded by CEO Frank S. Caruso, a 25-year veteran of the telecommunications industry. Mr. Caruso is the founder of several telecommunications firms including Cloud South, a Tier 4 data center, SIPBound Corporation, a telecommunications specialty firm, USA Datanet, a VoIP and Internet Service Provider, and SCC Telecommunications, a provider of local, long distance, wireless, Internet and data services.

Co-founder and Vice President Jennifer R. Leach has led the branding and marketing efforts of numerous companies including over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Ms. Leach co-owns Naples Shutter, and has served with Cloud South, USA Datanet, Broadview Networks, SCC Telecommunications, and Kansas City, MO-based CGI Long Distance. She has been a consultant to numerous companies to assist them with creating their brand identity, establishing target markets, and building campaigns to meet revenue and profitability goals.

To learn more about SMS Cuba or to schedule an interview with Frank Caruso, please contact, or call Jennifer Leach at (239) 601-1119. Also, please visit for more information.



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